Paper Collections

Please make sure that the recycling bin only contains paper, newspapers, magazines and flattened cardboard. Once it’s full give us a call on 5339 9633 and we’ll send Diesel the Paperfreight dog out to empty it for you. Easy!

Money For Your School!

dieseltransYou can make money for your school just by recycling paper. We will provide you with a recycling bin. All you need to do is fill it up with paper, magazines, newspapers and flattened cardboard. Once it is filled, you just need to call us and Diesel our Paperfreight dog will come along and empty it. For every tonne collected, your school will receive money. It really is that easy to make money for your school AND help our environment.

Ballarat Based

PaperFreight Australia is based in Ballarat. With our modern fleet and skilled drivers, we are specialists in moving and delivering large quantities of paper products.

Our Environment

We are very mindful of our environment and committed to doing our part in recycling paper and cardboard. By paying schools for recyclable paper products we can help the environment AND our schools. That’s good for everybody!

How You Can Help

Let your local school know about our website. Diesel the PaperFreight dog is our mascot and he wants your kids and their parents to get involved in helping your local school and helping the environment.

Join Our Recycling Program

To find out how the program works, please click the button to the right and fill in the online form. We will call you and explain how the program works and how much extra money your school can make by recycling paper and cardboard.